Il Corriere del Veneto 26.02.2023


Article of “Corriere del Veneto” on the 26.02.2023;

The Artisan Maestri: Story of an ancient artcraft – The last Goldbeater. The artisan that come from the past

Il Corriere del Veneto

Ans Joosten

This family make gold leaf by hand. Are they the last to do so?

TF1 France

French National Television TF1 reportage at 8.35pm on 07/11/2022 where the city of Venice is narred with a part dedicated to Mario Berta Battiloro.

Ornamenti Venice Fashion Week22

The salon creates a concentrated and intimate space in a historical palace, rich in works of art, where buyers and visitors can discover the excellence of Venetian craftsmanship and ateliers des mètiers among suites and frescoed rooms while participating in the events of Venice Fashion Week.

The curators have selected Italian and foreign exhibitors, small handicraft realities and start-ups that produce accessories of high stylistic and artisanal content for people and their home environments.

Article of the  27/09/2021 Magazine distribuited with Il Sole 24; El Mundo; Le Monde; The Daily Telegraph e Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung where the Mario Berta Battiloro srl society is nominated for the foils applicated on the Venissa Dorona wine bottles.

1600 Venice anniversary!

Special TV documentary for the 1600 years of the Venice’s city!

The last artisanal goldbeater atelier in Venice. Venturini: «Tradition to be valued»

Article Venice Assessor’s Simone Venturini after the atelier visit.

Simone Venturini

Rai1 C’è tempo per… Puntata del 26/08/2020

Le telecamere di Ra1 entrano nella bottega del Battiloro per portare l’antico mestiere nelle case degli Italiani.