Il Corriere del Veneto 26.02.2023


Article of “Corriere del Veneto” on the 26.02.2023;

The Artisan Maestri: Story of an ancient artcraft – The last Goldbeater. The artisan that come from the past

Il Corriere del Veneto

TF1 France

French National Television TF1 reportage at 8.35pm on 07/11/2022 where the city of Venice is narred with a part dedicated to Mario Berta Battiloro.

Ornamenti Venice Fashion Week22

The salon creates a concentrated and intimate space in a historical palace, rich in works of art, where buyers and visitors can discover the excellence of Venetian craftsmanship and ateliers des mètiers among suites and frescoed rooms while participating in the events of Venice Fashion Week.

The curators have selected Italian and foreign exhibitors, small handicraft realities and start-ups that produce accessories of high stylistic and artisanal content for people and their home environments.

Venice Boat Show 2022

During the Venice Boat Show, the Lunardelli Venezia factory present a lot of wood masterpiece.
Also the famous Screen “Ma’Segno” decorated in pure gold leaves 24kt (999,9°/00) and the “Sfoji” with gold details.

Very proud to collaborate with Artisanal Handcraft.–Salone-Nautico-di-Venezia-355dc581-c8be-4ab4-a934-fcab63ee430d.html

Progetto Slides

SLIDES Project. Smart strategies for sustainable tourism in Lively cultural Destinations

SLIDES Project is funded by the Interreg Italy-Croatia 2014-2020 program, the S.LI.DES project – Smart strategies for sustainable tourism in Lively cultural Destinations, aims to improve the governance of tourism and the management of tourist flows through an intelligent use of data in order to reduce the anthropic pressure on the territorial natural and cultural heritage and promote the sustainability and competitiveness of the local economy, in particular through the enhancement of artistic craft activities.

The Ducker Magazine


Ma ‘Segno in canaletto walnut, 24 carat gold leaf and rice paper: the precious and sophisticated screen evokes the Japanese style in terms of construction, with the use of “sashimono”, or the art of Japanese wooden interlocking , without glue or nails. It was created ad hoc by Lunardelli for Homo Faber 2022 and exhibited in the Italy and Japan room: wonderful relationships, on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice.

Thanks to Lunardelli Venezia and Agnese Lunardelli

Article de “Il Sole 24 Ore” of the 22th April 2022

Article de “Il Sole 24 Ore” where the Goldbeater Atelier is mentioned for the Open Doors during the second Edition of the event Homo Faber.
How to Spend It Italia 4.22

Article on the Corriere della Sera 23.04.2022 “Gold, paper, mirrors. Venice celebrate the Dogi-Artisan”

Article on the Corriere della Sera 23.04.2022 “Gold, paper, mirrors. Venice celebrate the Dogi-Artisan”