Are there some stores in Italy where buy your artistic decoration products?

We prefer the direct contact with the client to suggest the perfect product suitable for the needs of application.

May is possible buy on-line Gold booklets?

Yes. Through our mail, we will reply with all details to place an order.

There is the possibility to buy glues and paints?

No. We sell exclusively Gold, silvers and alloyed foils. We could suggest glues and paints suited according to the surfaces.

Which are the minimum quantity?

2 books of 25 foils each.

May I pay with PayPal?


Do you ship all over the world?

Yes. With national or international couriers for small orders and with courier values for important orders.

May I buy on line SPLENDOR products?

No. After your contact mail, we will respond indicating wellness center-SPA where you could buy the products.

Is possible visiting the laboratory?

Yes. Is necessary plan the paying reservation.